Mindful Tools for Self-Critical Thinking

Mindful Tools for Self-Critical Thinking

90 Min. Pre-Recorded Webinar


Are you stuck in thought patterns of negative self-talk and self-criticism?


Do self-critical thoughts stop you from going for what you really want in life?


Do you struggle getting things complete due to perfectionism?


Through mindfulness, you can learn to quiet those relentless self-critical thoughts and negagtive self-talk and transform unproductive self-critical thoughts into productive self-reflective thoughts that promote healthy growth. Move towards self-sovereignty of your thoughts and mind with mindfulness. This means not being stuck in outdated, unserving thought patterns that you were entrained with in childhood and adolescence that still play out with your thought patterns. Think of all the freed up energy you will have to channel towards positively in your life if you weren’t held back by negative self-talk! Negative self-talk and a harsh inner critic isn’t your true inner voice. It’s a voice that’s been conditioned. It’s time to reclaim your supportive inner voice! Allow your mind to be the open sky that it truly is!!


Understanding the core mindfulness foundations of:

1. My thoughts are not always true

2. My thoughts are not who I am

can transform the way you relate to your thoughts.


If you are ready to create a healthier relationship with your thoughts, join me for this 90-minute pre-recorded webinar on mindfully working with self-critical thoughts. This webinar ncludes both presentation and guided mindful practices to give you tools to transform your relationship with your self-critical thoughts.


In this webinar you will:


• Become more aware of your thoughts

• Better understand the nature of your self-critical voice

• Learn evidence-based tools to quiet your self-critical thoughts

• Receive strategies to transform unhealthy self-critical thoughts into healthy self-reflective thoughts that promote growth

• Learn how to be more compassionate with yourself

• Experience mindfulness practices for working with self-critical thoughts